Macaroni Review:Curious George Books Evoke Excitement on Curiosity Day

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By Stacey Jones September 25, 2019

If you are anything like me, Curious George stories evoke a sense of nostalgia for your childhood. These amazing books are still widely read and celebrated by today's young families, too!  In honor of Curious George’s birthday and in celebration of a love of reading and learning, Curiosity Day is an annual event held in September. 

Here at Macaroni Kid, we hosted an amazing celebration with our readers who enjoyed a fabulous Curious George story time event last week at Snapology of Monmouth County. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt sent us four exciting Curious George books for the event. One of the Curious George books was even super sized and the kids adored listening to the story and having the visual of enlarged photos as we read the story together. I absolutely loved being able to share stories that I read to my kids and as a child myself with our Curiosity Day event guests.  

In addition to reading some wonderful stories about Curious George, the kids crafted masks of George, colored in activity booklets, and the Snapology team led them in building either Yellow Hats or Curious George out of duplo blocks. We also celebrated with Curious George stickers, party hats, and lots of fun. One little guy had his Curious George stuffed animal along as an honorary guest for the event!

Curiosity Day is always held on or around September 16, which is the birthdate of Curious George creator H.A. Rey, and the honorary birthday of everyone’s favorite monkey, too! We had a blast on Friday at our Macaroni Kid Curiosity Day celebration. Below are a handful of pictures from our story time and this link brings you to the rest of the photos to view all of the excitement and fun times enjoyed by our readers at the event.  

Published over 75 years ago, the picture book Curious George is a fun-filled story about one precocious little monkey with an endless sense of curiosity and a boundless love for discovery. There are over 100 Curious George stories now readily available to read with your family. Check them out here and grab one to share with your family today!

Special thanks to our sponsor Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for making this celebration possible, to Snapology of Monmouth County for having us, and to Viki Reed Photography for the wonderful pictures.