Shore Gamers

15 Monmouth StreetRed Bank, NJ 07701
Phone: 732-945-0913
Business Hours: Noon-8pm Tues-Thurs & Sun, Noon-Midnight Fri-SatEmail: play@shoregamers.comWebsite: Visit Website

Shore Gamers invites kids ages 9+ to stretch their critical thinking skills, communicate confidently, and practice good sportsmanship—in the spirit of play! Through board games and tabletop games of all styles and themes, kids will use both logic and creativity to expand their world and build new friendships.

Session themes include:

● Step into Strategy with board games like Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, and Machi Koro

● Card Strategy Specialists with Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon

● Introduction to Chess

● Introduction to RPGs with Dungeons and Dragons and other narrative game systems

Other activities include drawing, miniature and terrain painting, character development, and free play!

Seven weekly summer programs run from July 8 through August 23. Choose one week, or choose them all! Players will be grouped by their interests and skill levels. Full days run from 8:30-4, and half days 8:30–noon.

Why play games? Why Shore Gamers?!

● Games promote collaboration and communication. Kids learn the power of forming alliances and negotiation. They celebrate wins together while respecting opponents.

● Players will use logic and creativity, as well as exercise spatial awareness and memory development. They think critically, anticipate consequences, and develop reasoning skills.

● Kids build resilience by overcoming obstacles and practicing patience. They learn from mistakes, explore different decisions, and respect hard-earned success.

● Game play also supports academic growth. From simple counting and complex operations to probability and percentages, math is fundamental. Players build confidence in reading and enhance vocabulary across ancient themes and mythical adventures.

Owners Gennaro and Jessica Monaco have created this innovative program for all young gamers. The shop is also open 6 days a week for walk-in play from the Game Library—perfect for family bonding, date nights, lady outings, or teen hang outs. New events and classes are being added weekly!

Visit or call 732-945-0913 to learn more and register today. Summer at Shore Gamers is truly about “fun and games!”