The Historic Village at Allaire

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Plan your next trip by exploring The Historic Village at Allaire website to see what we have to offer. With a variety of historic buildings that still stand on their original foundations, the museum portrays mid 19th century industrial community life. Complete with interactive displays, hands-on-activities, and costumed period interpreters in 13 historic buildings, The Historic Village at Allaire has buildings ranging from homes to craft shops and a chapel, a store, a bakery, and exhibit halls. Today, the Historic Village at Allaire is an interactive museum where visitors can experience history directly through hands-on activities. Plus, we offer over fifty events each year!

The Historic Village at Allaire was once an iron-producing factory-town known as the Howell Iron Works, Co. The Village was a self-sufficient community containing a carpentry and pattern making shop, a blacksmith shop, a bakery, a boarding house, a blast furnace, mills to finish iron products, a school, a church, a general store with a post office, and workers’ home. Iron produced at the village was shipped to New York City by wagon and steamship. It was used to produce steam engine parts in a factory also owned by our proprietor, James P. Allaire. The Howell Iron Works, as a community, speaks to the experiences of the economic and social changes of those who experienced early Industrial America. 

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History Kids Club - Experience History "Hands-On!" Children participate in interactive history workshops where they complete an activity!

History Kids Club is designed for children ages 5-12 years old, who want to experience history first hand and learn the different trades, tasks and lifestyles of an 1830s Howell Iron Works villager. The club will meet monthly for history centered workshops where children can complete a fun and educational activity that represents an element of life in the 19th century.

Parents are encouraged to stay and assist their child in the activities.

Tickets are $10 per child. Tickets are non-refundable. 

Space is limited! Register early at this link.