Journey Into Enigma or Embark on Swashbuckling Adventure at Escapology

By Stacey Jones August 23, 2023

Escapology has TWO wonderful locations in Garwood and in the iconic Bell Works Building in Holmdel. Please visit to book today! Below we've featured exciting details on the escape room games "Lost City" in the Holmdel location as well as their newest game install, "A Pirate's Curse", in the Garwood location.

Journey into Enigma: Unveiling "Lost City" Escape Game at Bell Works in Holmdel

Hidden within the iconic Bell Works Building in Holmdel, New Jersey, a thrilling adventure awaits those who seek to test their wits and solve the mysteries of the past. Enter the captivating realm of "Lost City," an immersive escape game experience offered by Escapology. As the doors to the world swing open, participants are transported to an ancient civilization, challenged to unlock secrets, decipher puzzles, and forge a path through history itself.

The narrative of "Lost City" revolves around an expedition to a forgotten civilization. Participants take on the roles of intrepid explorers who stumble upon the ruins of a once-thriving city, abandoned for centuries. As they venture deeper into the heart of the lost city, they encounter puzzles left behind by its enigmatic inhabitants. Their task? To unlock the city's secrets and unravel the mysteries that have remained shrouded in time.

The heart of the "Lost City" escape game lies in its intricate puzzles and challenges. Players must decipher ancient scripts, manipulate intricate mechanisms, and piece together cryptic clues to progress through the game. The challenges are designed to engage multiple layers of thinking, requiring keen observation, critical analysis, and creative problem-solving.

While the puzzles are demanding, the game places a strong emphasis on collaboration and teamwork. "Lost City" is the perfect platform for birthday parties, groups of friends, families, and colleagues to unite and embark on a shared adventure. By pooling their unique strengths, participants foster a sense of camaraderie as they strive to conquer challenges together.

One of the standout features of "Lost City" is its dedication to creating an immersive experience. The room is thoughtfully curated with intricate details, from weathered artifacts to atmospheric lighting, all contributing to the sense of stepping into a different era. Every object tells a story, and every puzzle piece fits into the larger narrative.

Holmdel's Hidden Gem:

The Bell Works Building itself is a historic landmark, and "Lost City" adds a layer of intrigue and excitement to this already remarkable location. The escape game invites locals and visitors alike to explore the fusion of history and entertainment, making it a must-visit attraction for both adventure enthusiasts and history buffs.

Rediscover Adventure: 

In a world of routine and predictability, "Lost City" offers a gateway to rediscover the thrill of the unknown. By challenging participants to venture beyond their comfort zones and embrace the excitement of the unexpected, the game becomes a conduit to reignite the spark of curiosity and exploration.

"Lost City" escape game at the Bell Works Building in Holmdel, NJ, is not just an entertainment option; it's an immersive journey through time and mystery. By combining intricate puzzles, immersive design, and the power of teamwork, Escapology has crafted an experience that transports participants into an ancient world and tests their mettle against the enigmas of history. So gather your fellow adventurers, prepare to unlock secrets, and step into the past as you journey through the captivating "Lost City.”  

Unraveling Legends: Embark on a Swashbuckling Adventure with "A Pirate's Curse" Escape Game in Garwood

In the heart of Garwood, New Jersey, an exciting new escape room awaits adventure enthusiasts and puzzle solvers alike. Enter the world of "A Pirate's Curse," an immersive escape game experience offered by Escapology. Step into a realm where legends of pirates, curses, and hidden treasures come to life, challenging participants to unlock secrets, solve mysteries, and outwit the perils that lie ahead.

"A Pirate's Curse" escape game draws players into the captivating lore of swashbuckling pirates and their fabled treasures. The game takes place in a meticulously designed room that transports players to a world of wooden ships, sandy beaches, and moonlit seas. As the door closes behind the participants, the adventure begins.

The premise of "A Pirate's Curse" centers around a legendary pirate captain, Captain Blackbeard, and the curse that has been haunting his lost treasure for centuries. Participants find themselves in the captain's quarters, facing the daunting task of lifting the curse that guards his untold riches. The room is adorned with intricate details, each prop and ornament contributing to the immersive experience.

Teams must work together to decipher cryptic clues, solve complex puzzles, and unravel the enigmatic riddles that stand between them and the coveted treasure. The game demands not only individual problem-solving skills but also effective communication and collaboration among team members. The pressure is on, as players race against the clock to break the curse before time runs out.

One of the standout features of "A Pirate's Curse" is its attention to detail in design. Every aspect of the room is thoughtfully crafted to enhance the feeling of being part of a pirate legend. From the creaking floorboards to the authentic artifacts strewn around the room, players are completely absorbed into the narrative, creating a truly memorable experience.

The escape room is an ideal activity for groups of friends, families, coworkers, and perfect for birthday parties of all ages! The challenges in "A Pirate's Curse" encourage players to pool their strengths, brainstorm ideas, and celebrate their victories together. Laughter, excitement, and a sense of accomplishment are guaranteed by the end of the session.

The Perfect Escape:

In a world saturated with screens and virtual experiences, "A Pirate's Curse" offers a refreshing alternative—Escape games have taken the world by storm, offering an engaging and interactive form of entertainment that challenges both intellect and teamwork. In the heart of Garwood, New Jersey, "A Pirate's Curse" stands out as an exceptional addition to the escape game landscape. With its captivating storyline, immersive design, and emphasis on collaboration, it promises to transport players to a realm where adventure knows no bounds and legends come to life. So, gather your crew, prepare to set sail, and embark on an unforgettable journey into the world of "A Pirate's Curse.”  

Escapology has TWO wonderful locations in Garwood and in the iconic Bell Works Building in Holmdel. 

Please visit to book today!