Create a "Hand"-some Thanksgiving Turkey

By Jen Anderson November 21, 2021
This simple Thanksgiving craft can be used as a centerpiece, hostess gift, or just for fun.

You will need:
  • 1 cute kiddo’s hand
  • Paint – brown, red, yellow, green, blue (washable if you prefer)
  • Paintbrush – Sponge brushes work great 
  • White card stock – half sheet is enough
  • 2 clothespins (squeeze style not pin style)
  • Ribbon (any color for turkey legs – you could also use colored tape)
  •  Construction paper or card stock, colored. I used brown.
  • Googly eye or black marker for eye
  • Glue or glue stick
What to do:

Paint your child’s palm brown. Paint each finger a different color. Repeating colors is ok. There are no rules in terms of colors, just make your turkey colorful! Press child’s hand onto white cardstock. Have her spread her fingers a little bit when you are about to press down so the fingers (feathers) are spread out on the painting. Let the paint dry.

Trim cardstock around the turkey design. Leave a small border. Glue trimmed turkey onto construction paper background. Trim excess construction paper, leaving a small border so that some of the colored construction paper is still visible. Glue googly eye onto thumb.

If using ribbon, measure and cut a length of ribbon to fit onto flat side of clothespin. Glue small strips onto one side of each clothespin. When completely dry, attach clothespin “legs” to turkey painting, as pictured and stand a flock of turkeys across the center of your Thanksgiving table.

For another variation, use fabric paint and make this turkey design on a dish towel for a fun Thanksgiving gift or decoration. Use fabric paint to add eye or legs if desired.

Happy Thanksgiving!