The Academy New Jersey in Bell Works: School Launch September '21

Join Us on April 10th for a School Showcase Event

By Ann Gradman, Educator at The Academy New Jersey March 14, 2021

The Academy New Jersey is part of The Academy Way network of unique child-centered 3rd – 12th grade private schools specializing in educating children with Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, severe reading deficiencies, and those who struggle in traditional school environments. We discover and cultivate the GREATNESS in each one of our students through interactive and multisensory real-life learning and an entrepreneurial focus. Our school embraces movement, loves the outdoors, encourages discussion, exploration and creation, and teaches kids that failures are amazing opportunities to learn, grow and accomplish something remarkable.

Our highest academic priority is getting our students to become amazing readers. To accomplish this, we utilize an Orton-Gillingham based Structured Literacy approach for all of our students and in all of our schools. In addition to Structured Literacy, we incorporate a well-rounded, foundational curriculum aimed at developing literacy, math and critical thinking skills.

More specifically, The Academy Way involves these additional academic areas:

1. Wilson Reading Program

2. Phonemic Awareness (Heggerty)

3. ELA (Writing, Reading Comprehension, Current Events)

4. Multisensory Math and Science

5. Entrepreneurship

We are located in the magnificent Bell Works facility at 101 Crawfords Corner Rd., Holmdel, NJ 07733. 

The Academy New Jersey will launch in September 2021.

For our inaugural year, we are welcoming children in 3rd – 6th grades. We will add one additional grade each year and have our first graduating class in 2027-2028.

School Showcase Event

Please join us on Saturday, April 10th @ the Bell Works facility for our initial School Showcase Event. At this event, we will expose and engage both kids and parents to the various elements and parts of our school that truly make our school one-of-a-kind. When you finish your 90 minute session, all participants will leave with a clear understanding of the amazing child-centered program that we have planned for our students for the 2021-2022 school year. Due to COVID precautions, you must pre-register for this event on our website:

There will be two sessions: 9am-10:30am or 10:45am-12:15pm.

Wilson Reading Tutoring 

We are thrilled to announce that The Academy NJ is currently offering after school, multisensory, literacy tutoring using the Wilson Reading Program!

Location: Bell Works at 101 Crawfords Corner Rd., Holmdel, NJ

Scheduling: Our highly trained, Wilson Certified educators (Ann and Dawn) will be available Monday through Friday during after school hours for 60 or 90 minute sessions.  The Wilson Reading System® follows a ten-part lesson plan that moves at a quick pace with constant interaction between teacher and student. A full lesson requires 90 minutes to complete.

At The Academy, we believe . . .

1. A child’s ability to read well is our top priority.

2. Structured Literacy helps children become amazing readers.

3. In going deep, not wide.

4. Movement, the Sun and unstructured outside time are keys to a child’s happiness.

5. Every child has a unique life path to be identified and cultivated.

6. School should be awesome, fun, and awesomely fun!

7. In teaching children to understand and respect others, not necessarily agree.

8. In building and cultivating relationships with each other.

9. Students should be comfortable while they learn.

10. Entrepreneurial skills are invaluable life-skills.

11. Progress is more important than perfection.

12. In low student:teacher ratios in all of our academic learning environments.

13. A student’s time after school should be spent with friends and family having fun.

14. The social, emotional and physical health and safety of our students is never compromised.

15. Everything a child learns in our school should have real-life application.

For more information about The Academy NJ:


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