Macaroni Review: Summer Infant's My Size Potty is Perfect for Toddlers

By Stacey Jones February 26, 2017

If you have a toddler at home that is ready to potty train, you have to run out and get yourself the Summer Infant’s My Size Potty. It is one of the best-selling potty seats on the market! We were able to share the My Size Potty with our Macaroni Kid 2017 Baby Brunch attendees, and it was a huge hit at the event.

The My Size Potty has such a real-life look and feel.  It looks and feels just like a miniature of an adult toilet, and it even makes a flushing sound when you push the handle.  It's the perfect pint-sized way to introduce your child to using the toilet and the sounds involved in flushing.  That way, when they transition to the regular toilet once trained, it will be so much easier for you!

Truly, this is one of the best potty training products I've ever seen and I highly suggest grabbing one for your training toddler. It took about three minutes to put the pieces together. The bowl is removable for easy clean up, and the seat flips up as well.  There is a built in compartment for wipes and a clip-on splash guard for boys.

Not only did I think it was fantastic, but the Moms and toddlers at our Baby Brunch adored the My Size Potty.  The parents loved that it looks like a miniature replica of the regular toilet to help make transitioning easy.  The kids couldn't get enough of sitting on the My Size Potty and then flushing it to hear the noise when they stood up.  Many of our guests remarked that they were definitely getting one of these for themselves to use for potty training their toddlers!  Take a look at some of the cuties trying out the Summer Infant My Size Potty at our Baby Brunch:





Click here to learn more about the Summer Infant My Size Potty.  It is available just about everywhere for $34.99.