Easter Bunny Pancakes

By Jennifer Hill March 29, 2015
The Easter Bunny is coming for breakfast but this time it’s in the form of a favorite morning meal! Easter Bunny pancakes are perfect for building anticipation on the mornings prior to Easter as well as a fun breakfast to celebrate the Bunny’s arrival on Easter Sunday.

You’ll need:
  • Your favorite pancake batter
  • Chocolate chips
  • Tube of squeezable icing
Once you have prepared your pancake batter, use a spoon to “shape your bunny” in the skillet. It’s easiest to start with the ears and move down to the round head. Cook on one side, then flip. After you flip the bunny, add chocolate chips for the eyes, nose and smile. Then use a tube of squeeze icing for whiskers.

You’ll family will love the little extra holiday touch to start their day.

Happy Easter!