Easter Bunny Basket

By Anna Hall, Hickory NC Publisher April 14, 2014
Simple and adorable, this easy Easter bunny basket is made with common materials you already have on hand. The quick and inexpensive project is fun to make with the kids to prepare for the upcoming holiday. Fill the back pouch with Easter grass and small trinkets or candy for a cute treat on Easter morning.

Materials needed per basket:
  • 3 paper plates
  • pink construction paper
  • ribbon or string (about 12-inch length)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • googly eyes
  • pink pom-pom
  • black marker
  • stapler (optional)
  • 2 cotton balls (optional)
  1. Cut a small semi-circle off the top of one of the paper plates.
  2. Glue or staple the plate to a second uncut plate, forming a cavity for storage. Glue the string in between the two plates where they meet at the top for a handle (or you can pierce a hole to attach the string).
  3. Cut two bunny ear shapes out of the third plate.
  4. Cut smaller bunny ear shapes out of the pink construction paper and glue in the middle of the white paper plate ears.
  5. Attach the bunny ears to the top of the front plate with glue or stapler.
  6. Decorate the front plate with the bunny's face.  We glued on two googly eyes and a pink pom-pom for the nose.  We made fuzzy circular cheeks out of two cotton balls onto which we glued rosy cheeks cut out of the pink construction paper.  We used a marker to draw in the bunny's teeth.
  7. Fill the back with Easter grass or green tissue paper topped with candy, treats or trinkets.